United for Puerto Rico Concert

It was an honor to host the United for Puerto Rico live concert telethon. The first big gathering post-Hurricane Maria brought together 20,000 people at Casa BACARDÍ to celebrate that in Puerto Rico, we never give up. Over $4 million were raised to support relief efforts. Together, #PuertoRicoSeLevanta

Legacy Cocktail Finalists

So much fun to receive the finalists of the 2018 BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail competition from the U.S.A. and Canada. Check out a recap of their time at the distillery, meeting with our Master Blender Joe Gomez and tasting BACARDÍ premium rums on site where they were crafted.

Why don’t we use straws at Casa BACARDÍ?

Did you know that Bacardi was the first spirits company to eliminate straws from their cocktails? Our no-straws movement began in March 2016 as part of our commitment to sustainability. Click to learn more about how such a small item can have a big impact. We can each make a difference!